About me

Me in my element, wearing my headband and with my camera

My name is (Na) Talia and I am girl who currently lives her dream in Chicago. My story starts in Knjashenskij, Russia, where I was born. Since my dad is German, we moved to Germany when I was 7 years old. 2017 my husband and I left Germany to start our new adventure in the US.

My passion lies in traveling and exploring this planet. For me best thing about traveling is to learn about different cultures, taste different foods and get out of my comfort zone. Johannes definitely plays a huge role in making me try new things – which is probably why we work so well together. He taught me everything I know about photography and he takes most of my photos, at least when we are traveling together.

I want to inspire you to explore the world and travel more, because it will give you so much in return. My goal is to show you, that you can discover beautiful places in your backyard. Thank you for following along and visiting my site. I hope you get inspired by my travels and decide to book your next trip right away!

Love, Talia