I have compiled a list of my favorite coffee places in San Diego that I have tried so far. San Diego has so many incredible cafes and coffee shops and I am on a mission to try them all. Most of them not only have amazing coffee and delicious food like avocado toast, sandwiches, smoothie bowls, or yummy pastries, but also have a super adorable decor and unique interior! You can’t go wrong with any of the places to be honest. Here is my list of the best coffee shops in San Diego:

Holy Matcha

Holy Matcha is hands down one of the cutest cafes in San Diego. The pink interior is such an eye catcher but the matcha drinks and snacks are also to die for. Holy Matcha has 2 locations in San Diego, one in North Park and one in East Village. I have been to the one in East Village and loved the cafe so much. Not only is it a perfect place to hang with friends for some matcha and pastries but is also super photogenic! It definitely has its own vibe!

S3 Coffee Bar

Another amazing coffee place in San Diego is the S3 Coffee Bar. It is actually partially a 2D Cafe. These 2D cafe are starting to pop up all around the word, but the most famous ones are in Korea, Japan and Dubai. A couple months ago one opened up on Bali as well and we have one in San Diego too. The food, especially the avocado toast and the smoothie bowls, are so good and just thinking of those makes me want to go there asap. Make sure to check out one of the best coffee shops in San Diego!

Cafe Madeleine

Do want to teleport yourself to Europe? Then make sure to check out one of the two Cafe Madeleine locations. This will make you feel like you are sitting in a cafe in Paris. The croissants and madeleines are really delicious. I could not resist but had to visit both locations. One location has red bistro tables and chairs and the other one has a blue bistro set. I can’t even decide which one I like better which is why I recommend checking out both!

Pink Rose Cafe

Pink Rose Cafe is definitely one of the best coffee places in San Diego. The flower decorations outside of the cafe as well as inside is simply magical and offers such great photo opportunities. We tried their chocolate croissants and their Mexican Mocha! The Mocha was so good, so I highly recommend trying it! This cafe reminds me so much of cafes in London with its vibrant flower decoration and cute neon signs!

La Clochette Du Coin

Are you looking delicious french bread, baguette and mouth watering croissants? Check out La Clochette du Coin. Not only are their coffees absolutely delicious but their croissant sandwiches and regular sandwiches are really good! La Clochette du Coin is one the best coffee places in San Diego! We tried their Pesto Breakfast Croissant, the SoCal Tartine and the Millenian Bennedict, all 3 dishes were super tasty! I also really enjoyed the cold brew! So good!

Humble Bean Cafe

Humble Bean Coffee is your place if you are Chai lover! Humble Bean Cafe does not only have incredible and delicious coffee options but also offers a variety of Chai Tea options – iced or hot. We tried the Kilimanjaro that is a Kenyan Chai with espresso and a Kenyan Chai. Both drinks were amazing and I want to try the other Chais as well! We also loved their avocado toast, grandpas grilled cheese and the home made banana bread. All 3 food items tasted amazing! What I also found very special about the Humble Bean Cafe is that they also have kids menu! Their local special is the Stingray named after the Baypark Elementary Stingrays! The Stingray is color change lemonade which is super fun!

If you are interested in other great places to dine in San Diego, make sure to check out my blogpost about 10 Restaurants in San Diego you have to try.

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