Johannes and I recently got married in Thailand and decided to stay at Soneva Kiri for out honeymoon. Soneva Kiri is located on the island Koh Kood and is very secluded and away from other hotels on the island. Its the perfect location to unwind and relax which is why it makes it the perfect honeymoon destination. Surrounded by lush rainforests and beautiful beaches, Soneva Kiri will not disappoint. With its focus on making your stay an unforgettable one, Soneva Kiri’s staff will do everything to make you happy!

How to get to Soneva Kiri

The most common way to get to the island is by a private plane that you can book with your hotel stay. There are several flights a day and the plane depart from Suvarnabhumi International Airport. In order to assure to get to the resort the same day you arrived in Bangkok, make sure your international flight lands in Bangkok no later than 13:30, as the last flight to Soneva Kiri departs at 15:40. It takes 90 minutes to reach Koh Mai Si, Soneva Kiri’s airport island. From there you will be picked up by your barefoot guardian that will escort you to your villa. Johannes and I loved this exclusive experience.


Soneva Kiri offers a couple different villa options. It really depends how many rooms you need and what type of view you want. We stayed in the one bedroom villa with direct beach access and loved the fact that we were able to reach the beach within seconds. The other two one bedroom villa options are either sunset ocean view or bay view. Soneva Kiri also has 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom villas if you decide to visit this piece of paradise with your whole family.

The amazing thing about Soneva Kiri is that all villas are extremely private and spacious. They all have a swimming pool, a huge bathroom and lounge area. I loved waking up to the sound of nature and showering or take a bath outdoors. It really brings you closer to nature. One thing that makes Soneva Kiri so unique is the “No shoes, no news” policy. The “no news” rule should disconnect you from negative news and help you unwind and relax. “No shoes” on the other hand should bring you closer to our planet. I personally loved no shoes rule and followed it all the time. Of course, you don’t have to follow it and can still wear shoes. But Johannes and I enjoyed not wearing shoes during our stay.

Restaurants at Soneva Kiri

Let me tell you one thing. The food at Soneva Kiri was extraordinary. Each restaurant we tried during our 4 night stay was incredible. We highly recommend trying out all restaurants the property has. Soneva Kiri invites chefs from all over the world to visit during each month and you can actually try out their menu and book a unique dining experience. During our visit we had the pleasure to meet Chef Vicky from India and try out his special menu which was a combination of Indian and Thai cuisine. You can also dine in your villa upon special request.

The Dining Room

The Dining Room offers a mix of Asian, Mediterranean and European cuisine. We had daily breakfast at this restaurant. Not only offers this restaurant lovely views atop rocky cliffs but also has incredible food options. Honestly, you name it and the staff will make it happen. Even though there is a menu that you can chose from, you can also just explain what you desire and you will get it. On top of that there is also a cheese room you can go to and get daily fresh cheese. Johannes and I are huge cheese lovers and loved getting our cheese every morning.

So Spirited

This poolside restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and has broad menu. We actually had the sushi platter twice and it was absolutely delicious. We also tried their papaya salad and fresh spring rolls, both choices were great! Their cocktail menu is also really good! Highly recommend checking out this one for lunch or for cocktail/snack!

Kruua Mae Tuk

Kruua Mae Tuk is a traditional Thai restaurant with a ‘no-menu’ dining concept and a vast selection of dishes that are inspired by ingredients grown on Koh Kood, Koh Chang, and seafood caught by local fishermen. The ambiance at the restaurant makes the experience even more special. Located amongst the mangroves, Tuk will not only amaze with beautiful views but also with an exceptional cuisine.

The View

One of our favorite restaurants at Soneva Kiri was The View. Not only because of the stunning view it has to offer, but also because of the ambience and mouth watering menu. The View offers a fusion of flavours from Japan and Peru. It is open for dinner and I highly recommend booking the restaurant during sunset. It truly is a unique experience.

South Beach

If you want to dine at the beach, Soneva Kiri has you covered as well. Whats better than dining beneath palm trees with your toes touching the snow-white sand? Sip a coconut or refreshing cocktail and eat some delicious snacks while enjoying the incredible beach with the clearest turquoise water.

Unique Experiences at Soneva Kiri

One of the most amazing things at Soneva Kiri is that they offer a variety of incredible experiences that you can book when you are staying there. These experiences are there to make your stay a one of a lifetime! Here is some of the experiences we did during our stay.

Floating breakfast

During our honeymoon stay at Soneva Kiri we wanted to have a floating breakfast at our villa and booked it for our last morning. Since each villa is private and comes with a huge pool, this was the perfect way to end our wonderful stay there. The food was nicely arranged on the tray and I finally was able to take some images with the floating breakfast.

Private Cinema Paradiso

Another incredible experience Soneva Kiri offers is the private outdoor cinema. We watched “51 first Dates” under the stars at the jungle auditorium in the centre of a tropical lagoon. It was more than magical! You sit on comfortable cushions covered up in blanket and eat your way through a delicious menu, accompanied by tasty drinks. Cinema Paradiso shows classic films on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Private cinema screenings can be arranged upon request for all other evenings.

Cooking Class

Johannes loves cooking which is why we did a cooking class at Soneva Kiri. We met up with the chef and decided what food to cook. You can either make suggestions yourself or let the chef decide what dishes to cook. Our dishes were traditional Thai: Tum Yum Kha, Spring Rolls and Seafood Paneang Curry. Since it was a private cooking class we learned so much during the class and it was an experience we wont forget.

Yai Ki Waterfall and fisherman village

In case you want to see more of the island and leave the property, Soneva Kiri has you covered as well. There are a ton of half day and full day excursions you can choose from. We went for the Yai Ki Waterfall and fisherman village excursion. You get picked up by your private chauffeur and make your first stop to the fisherman village. You will have time to walk around and explore the area before heading to the waterfall. It is only a short hike to the waterfall, but because of the humidity you will be happy when you reach so you can cool off in the water!

Here is a full list of all experiences Soneva Kiri is offering.

Common Grounds

The property of Soneva Kiri is huge which is why every villa will get their personal buggy that you can use to get from A to B instead of walking. Trust me, we used it all the time and had so much fun driving around in our little buggy. After your first day it is super easy to navigate around the property!

Chocolate Room

Who does not dream about being able to eat chocolate all day for free? Yes, you heard right! Soneva Kiri has their own chocolate room and you can visit it as often as your heart desires and eat your way through the room. That being said, we visited the chocolate room more than once.

chocolate room at soneva kiri

Ice Cream Room

When you thought it could not get better, Soneva Kiri also has a free Ice Cream Room and you can literally order whatever ice cream flavor you can think of. Soneva Kiri definitely knows how to make my heart skip a beat.

Observation Deck

On a clear night you can check out the Observation Deck and watch the stars. I have never been to a hotel that had an Observation Deck. This was the coolest experience. Highly recommend checking out the Observation Deck.

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