Visit Catalina Island, a true Southern California gem, for the perfect long weekend trip or to escape bustling Los Angeles and its infamous traffic jams. With plenty of photo opportunities on the island, we made a summary of the best photo spots in Avalon on Catalina Island, so you get all the shots. Most photo spots are just a quick walk apart from each other. Read our list of our best photo spots on Catalina Island.

Via Casino

This little structure next to the Island Spa is one of our favorite photo spots on Catalina Island. We love the window arches with colorful tiles that give us a perfect frame for taking some dreamy photos.

Since it’s a roofed structure you can take photos all day here, however, we did like the light in late afternoon and evening best for this spot. Once the sun disappears behind the hills, you’ll get a very soft light to take some great photos.

Catalina Casino 

You can’t really miss the Catalina Casino. This circular structure is visible from nearly everywhere in Avalon. To get to the Ballroom floor, you would need to join one of the guided tours. We highly recommend the guided tours, since they are really informative, but you also get access to some great photo spots.

You’ll find more information in our more extensive Catalina Island Travel Guide here. 

Avalon Pier 

We love the color contrast on the turquoise fish and chips shop with the sand dress and the soft sky. For this spot, we recommend taking photos in the late afternoon or evening when the sun sets.

Chimes Tower Lookout 

Passing the Catalina Chimes Tower, you’ll find a little lookout with some great views of Avalon. We recommend walking since the roads are very narrow and there is no parking for your golf cart. From the Bellanca Hotel, it’s about a 10-minute walk. The view from the Chimes Tower definitely makes it one of the best photo spots on Catalina Island.

Buena Vista Scenic Outlook 

This viewpoint is easiest to reach by golf cart or bike and provides some great views of the island and Avalon. The light was a bit harsh at midday, but this spot looks good any time of the day which is why we consider it one of the best photo spots on Catalina Island.

Descanso Beach Club 

If you are going for some beach pictures, we recommend the beach in front of the Descanso Beach Club. Relax with a cold drink on their beachfront patio after your photoshoot.

Beach in Front of the Wrigley Fountain 

The small beach section in front of the Wrigley Fountain and next to the Bluewater Avalon is a good photo opportunity for some nice beach shots with the sailboats and casino in the background. We took some beautiful photos during sunset and highly recommend checking out this photo spot on Catalina Island.

Bellanca Hotel Rooftop 

If you are staying in the Bellanca Hotel, make sure to check out their rooftop and fall in love with the mesmerizing views from their rooftop. We could not resist but had to take some photos.

Viewpoint at the Wrigley Reservoir 

To get to this viewpoint you need to go on one of the tours, like the Bison tour, or go on about a 30-minute uphill hike. We visited this viewpoint as part of the Bison tour (not leaving the truck) and our Sunrise Hike. Access to this part of the island is gated and we recommend going there by tour.

3 Palms Scenic Overlook 

Like the Buena Vista Scenic Overlook, we recommend going there by bike or golf cart. The light was a bit harsh at midday, but this spot looks good any time of the day. 

Staircase at the Hermosa Hotel 

A hidden gem on the island is the staircase which is part of the Hermosa Hotel and when visiting at the right time, you’ll have beautiful bougainvillea framing the staircase. This makes a great spot early morning or evening when the sun does not throw much shade.

Hotel St Lauren 

With the light pink paint, this hotel is hard to miss and is one of the many colorful buildings in Avalon. Just follow Metropole Ave and you won’t miss it. 

Google Maps shows the wrong location for the Hotel St Lauren, until corrected use the location pinned here.

Wrigley Memorial Building 

The Wrigley Memorial Building is perfect to take some pictures and will definitely impress you! We went there as part of our hike with Catalina Backcountry tour, but you can also get there with a golf cart or bike. The light in the morning was a bit harsh but going in the afternoon or evening should be perfect. The Wrigley Memorial is in the Botanical Garden. Tickets are $12 and its open from 8am to 5pm. Without a doubt, the Wrigley Memorial Building is one of the best photo spots on Catalina Island.

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