Who doesn’t love spring, right? Until this year, I kind of thought that Chicago does not have a real spring. Somehow, I managed to miss 3 years of spring in Chicago. Maybe I was unlucky, maybe I did not look close enough. However, though, I never got to capture how beautiful spring is in Chicago. This changed 2021! This year, I finally started to look and hunt spring flowers and trees and guess what?! Chicago actually is pretty beautiful during spring and I will list my top spring photo locations in Chicago in this blogpost.

Cherry Blossom at Jackson Park

The Jackson Park was one of my highlights during spring in Chicago. I have not seen cherry blossom in Chicago ever, so this was truly magical. I am so grateful, I was able to experience the beautiful cherry blossom season this year. Make sure to check out Jackson Park next year during spring. Peak bloom is usually end of April or the beginning of May.

Pink trees at Navy Pier

Another cute spring photo location can be found at Navy Pier. There you will find some gorgeous bright pink trees along the water.

Magnolia Trees in Gold Coast and Lincoln Park Neighborhood

Magnolia trees can be found in several neighborhoods in Chicago during late April or beginning of May. Another great place to find them is actually Evanston.

Morton Arboretum

It is actually a shame that it took me about 4 years to visit Morton Arboretum. It is a bit of a drive from Chicago but absolutely lovely and worth visiting. I went there in late April and saw some beautiful Magnolia trees and Daffodils. Personally, I liked the daffodils a lot because it felt like an endless sea of daffodils. Almost like in a fairytale. Morton Arboretum is for sure one of the best spring photo locations in Chicago (I know technically this is not Chicago, but close enough :P). Tickets are 16 $ for adults. Get your ticket here.

Tulips on Michigan Avenue

If you have not seen the tulips on Michigan Avenue, you are truly missing out. This spot is probably my favorite spring photo location in Chicago. Michigan Avenue itself is such a stunner, but with the tulips it gets a whole new level of beautiful.

Magnolia Trees at Bahai Temple

Another great spot close to Chicago is the Bahai Temple in Wilmette. During spring the temple is surrounded by gorgeous Magnolia trees and it adds so much more beauty to this place. Besides that, the neighborhood there is also pretty stunning. So make sure to stroll around after visiting the Bahai temple.

Milton Lee Olive Park

Milton Lee Olive Park is a really gorgeous park right by Lake Michigan. It is also one of my favorite locations for watching the sunset in Chicago. During spring you can find a ton of yellow shrubs around there and they look amazing in a photo.

Crabapple Trees at Lincoln Park Neighborhood

Another one of my highlights this spring was the crabapple trees in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Just drive around and you will find so many of those. They are so stunning and have the most amazing shade of pink. Truly magical!

Best street for crabapples is N Lincoln Park West.

Washington Sqaure Park

A super cute park in Gold Coast is Washington Square Park. The park is lovely during every season. I love spring and autumn there.

White Blossom at Lakefront Park

During mid May you can make your way to Grant Park or Lakefront Park and will find plenty of white blossom trees there. Super cute spot for a picnic as well!

Lilacs around the city

During May you can admire a lot of lilacs all around the city. One of my favorite spots is in the South Loop.

This spot can be found in the South Loop on State and Roosevelt.

Tulips in Holland Michigan

Ok, this is not Chicago at all but I kind of wanted to include this spot here as well. Holland in Michigan is stunning during spring and super famous for its tulip farms. There are many farms that you can visit, all stunning in their own way. We visited the Windmill Island Gardens this year and we’re so in love with the charm of the farm. Make sure to come early during the day because it gets super crowded very quickly. Another reason why you should come early is because of the harsh light during the day. Check out my full Holland Michigan Guide here.

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