If you are looking for cherry blossoms in Chicago, keep on reading this post. Ypu can actually find cherry blossoms in Chicago. I lived here 4 years now and this is the first year I saw that many cherry trees in Chicago. The area surrounding the Columbian Basin in Jackson Park is home to about 160 cherry blossom trees that typically bloom each spring. Apparently the cherry trees were planted in 2013 and I am pretty sure that in the next couple years, the cherry blossom will get better and better as the trees grow.

Due to the weather in Chicago it so hard to tell when they will be in bloom, but this year I finally got it right. I actually saw two cherry trees blooming on Dearborn and figured I need to check out Jackson Park, since the last 3 years I never got the right timing and always missed the blossoms. Luckily, I got it right this year and took some beautiful photos there. This is definitely the best spring I have seen in Chicago so far.

When do the cherry trees usually bloom in Chicago?

The peak bloom period for the cherry trees lasts for about 6 to 10 days and usually happens in late April to early May. This year though, they started blooming early. I was there on Friday, 9th April, and they are currently in full bloom. This is your chance to visit next week and take beautiful photos there.

What types of cherry trees bloom at Jackson Park?

There are two types of cherry trees blooming at Jackson Park: white cherry tree and a pink cherry tree. Both are absolutely stunning!

Where to find the cherry trees at Jackson Park?

The cherry trees are all located around the lake right next to the Museum of Science, so there is no way you can miss them. There are plenty of beautiful photo opportunities, especially with the lake and the museum as a backdrop which reminds me of DC.

Address: 1800 Columbia Dr, Chicago, IL 60637

Other places you can find cherry blossoms in Chicago

If you are looking for other places to find cherry blossoms in Chicago or close by, here are a few:

  • Chicago Botanical Garden
  • Mortom Arboretum
  • Cantigny Park, Wheaton
  • Lincoln Park Neighborhood
  • Navi Pier

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