I have always wanted to visit Las Vegas and finally went there in December. Las Vegas was such a great experience and I would love to visit again and because I loved it so much I compiled a list of the most insta worthy spots in Las Vegas for your visit there. The city is just so fascinating which makes me wonder how the experience might have been without COVID.

Especially right now, where traveling to Europe might be a challenge, Vegas makes a good destination to visit. It gives you the illusion of wandering in Europe. You can get a vibe of Paris, Venice and Rome at the same time. I personally loved the architecture and was so impressed by the copy of the Trevi fountain and Eiffel Tower. I never imagined them to be so huge.

During our couple days in Vegas we stayed at an Airbnb 15 minutes away from the city. Most casinos allow parking for free, at least for the first hour, so make sure to check beforehand.

Here is a list of the Most Insta Worthy Spots in Las Vegas

These are the insta worthy spots in Las Vegas that I was able to visit during my stay but there are way more cute restaurants and photo locations which is why I am planning to visit LV again in the future.

The Venetian

Want to experience a little bit of Venice but cannot fly to Italy right now? I was truly impressed by the architecture of the Venetian and the canals. There are plenty of cool photo opportunities, make sure to plan 2-3 h to wander around the property. You can even book a gondola ride for $29-$36/person if you are interested. Book here!

Trevi Fountain

Another great insta worthy spot in Las Vegas is the Trevi Fountain. I have been to Rome and obviously love the original fountain, but I must say, they did a pretty great job copying the Trevi fountain. Of course, the fountain in Las Vegas is a lot smaller but still worth the visit.

Bellagio Hotel & the Water Show

After seeing the Bellagio in plenty of movies, I had to check out this hotel and the famous water show. The hotel and area around is huge and makes such a great photo opportunity.

I highly recommend to check out the water show at the Bellagio. Loved seeing the water dance to rhythm of the music. There is a show every half hour from 3 p.m. – 8 p.m Monday – Friday and every 15 minutes from 8 p.m. – midnight. On Saturdays, the show runs every half hour from noon – 8 p.m. and every 15 minutes from 8 p.m. – midnight. On Sundays the show runs every 15 minutes from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. and every half hour from 3 p.m. – 8 p.m.

The lake is actually huge and equivalent to three city blocks or eight football fields so you can only imagine how many photo opportunities the area offers and how long it takes to walk around it. For best lighting and if you want to avoid crowds, try to go early.

Eiffel Tower

Paris is one of my favorite cities in Europe and I love the Eiffel Tower. As mentioned earlier, the current situation makes traveling to Europe really tough, but luckily there is an Eiffel Tower version in Las Vegas and whenever I feel homesick and miss Europe, I can at least book a ticket to Vegas and be somewhat close to home. The Eiffel Tower in Vegas is actually huge, of course, not as huge as the real one but bigger than I thought.

There are several photo opportunities around the Eiffel Tower and the Paris Las Vegas hotel so make sure to walk around explore. My personal favorites were from the banister at the Bellagio and the traffic lights across across from the Paris hotel where you can actually fully capture the Eiffel Tower.

7 Magic Mountains

7 Magic Mountains is my favorite insta worthy spot close to Las Vegas. I adore everything colorful and the art installation with the colorful rocks is to die for. These rocks are actually so impressive and are really huge, which I did not expect. Another reason that makes this art installation special is the scenery around it. The Joshua trees and mountains as a backdrop make this spot even more special.

We went super early in the morning because this spot usually fills up quickly and is super busy. If you want to avoid crowds and have the place to yourself, wake up early. It will be so worth it.

Jean / Roach Dry Lakebeds

Looking for a unique photo location? Then, add this dried lake to your list. The sunrise photoshoot that we did there was extremely fun and we created beautiful content. The dried out lake is close to the 7 Magic Mountains and you should be able to find it on Google Maps.

Valley of Fire

This was my second time visiting the Valley of Fire and I am going again for sure. The scenery at this State Park is unique and there are so many hiking trails that I have yet to do. The drive from Las Vegas to the State Park is about 1.5h.

If you want to shoot at the famous Mouse’s Tank Road, make sure to arrive for sunrise, otherwise it will be too crowded and you will not be able to get the road shot. Another reason to come early is the light that is amazing during sunrise. There are millions of great spots in this State Park, you can’t go wrong and will find plenty of photo opportunities there. Besides Mouse’s Tank road I really loved exploring the Fire Wave. You can reach the Fire Wave by following the Fire Wave trail that is 0.5 miles long. It is a fairly easy and short trail!

Fee per vehicle: 10$ per day

Red Rock Canyon

I always assumed Vegas was flat and did not had much to offer besides the strip, but omg, I was so wrong! Vegas is surround by incredible mountains and the Red Rocks and is famous for hiking, mountain-biking and rock climbing. Johannes and I actually did some rock climbing during our stay and I can highly recommend trying it out. We booked our guide through Red Rock Climbing Center and had the best time. It is truly a unique and fun experience.

The list of hikes that you can do there is endless and it is really not easy to decide which one to do. Find more information on hiking trails here. We did the Calico Hills Trail and loved every minute of it. It is a destination hike and you will be rewarded with an incredible view on Las Vegas.

El Dorado Ghost Town in Nelson

A super unique place close to Vegas is El Dorado Ghost Town in Nelson. This ghost town offers plenty of cool photo locations and is really interesting to visit. You also can visit their 1h mine tour while being there.

Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness

The Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness is such a great alternative to Joshua Tree National Park in California. The area is full of Joshua trees and is free.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Unfortunately, I was not able to visit the Las Vegas sign during this visit, but I have seen great photos of it and it is on my list for my next visit.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and my list of insta worthy spots in Las Vegas. Feel free to check out my other blogpost about Insta worthy places in Chicago as well!