This post has been long overdue and I am finally sharing the most instagrammable spots in San Diego with you! San Diego has so much to offer: from beautiful beaches to a gorgeous old town, amazing food, and stunning hikes! This blogpost shows you my personal favorite spots in San Diego and that I consider to be very instagrammable spots in San Diego.

The 3 Hidden Swings in San Diego

There are 3 hidden swings in San Diego that I personally know of and that are all very instagrammable spots in San Diego. My favorite ones are probably the ones up the hill with the view of La Jolla Beach and Scripts Pier. The 3rd one has kind of jungle and ocean view which is pretty epic too! Just follow the Coast Walk trail and hike down from the bridge. You can’t oversee it.

Hidden Swing 1: Location
Hidden Swing 2: Location (second one should be here, but I heard it was taken down; I will update this blog post)
Hidden Swing 3: Coordinates are 32.8484714, -117.2675893)

UCSD Hidden Bench

I just recently discovered this spot and am in love with this one. You can find the hidden bench at the UCSD Campus. Just walk around and maybe ask one or two people and you will find the spot! Trust me, the view is worth the effort!

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Torrey Pines Gliderport

This is one of my favorite spots for watching the sunset over the ocean and definitely one of the most instagrammable spots in San Diego. You simply cant get wrong with this one and there are million photo opportunities at this spot. This is one of my go to spots!

Torrey Pines Broken Hill Trail

This spot requires a 2.5 miles long loop hike but it is so worth it, trust me! The view at the end of the trail of the Broken Hill is so stunning and makes it to one of the most instagrammable spots in San Diego!

Torrey Pines Flat Rock Hike

Another amazing spot and hike that you can do at Torrey Pines State Reserve! To reach the beach at Flat Rock you can hike down trails from the parking lot. One of the hikes that brings you to the Flat Rock is Beach Trail and Broken Hill Trail. Be aware that you can only go down to the Flat Rock with negative tide!

Sunset Cliffs Cave

The Sunset Cliffs Cave is such a stunner and is for sure one of the most instagrammable places in San Diego. This short hike to the cave requires negative tide as well, so make sure to check the tide level before trying to attempt this hike. More information on the short hike can be found here.

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

Without a doubt is the whole Sunset Cliff Area one of the most instagrammable places in San Diego. Again, there are so many spots that are incredible for a photo and I don’t think you cant go wrong with any of those. I personally love parking at the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park parking lot and go straight down towards the cliff from the parking lot. You will find amazing spots, if you head to the right side you will be able to walk down a staircase to the beach. Whenever there is a low tide, the tide pools show and these make an amazing photo, trust me!

Old Town

Old town is adorable and should be on your list. Just explore the beautiful old town by foot find cute corners to take photos off. My personal favorite is the staircase at the Toby’s Candle Store. But there are a bunch of other cute locations and murals around old town that are worth a visit.

La Jolla Cove

You have not been to San Diego if you haven’t seen seals! Trust me, you technically can’t miss them when you are visiting La Jolla Cove. They are usually sunbathing on the rocks and so adorable to watch. La Jolla Cove is such a cute cove and is also perfect for snorkeling and swimming. Without waves the water is super clear and lovely. I also love the cave on the left side of the cove. During low tide you can actually walk through, super cool!

Scripps Pier

This spot is perfect during sunset and can get super busy, but it is so worth coming here for sunset. Trust me, you will fall in love with the view below the pier. It is for sure one of the most instagrammable places in San Diego.

Coastal Meander Trailhead

This specific trailhead is also great during sunsets, because you can overlook La Jolla Shores and get a great view of the Scripts Pier. Make sure to follow the trailhead. During spring you might get lucky and see some beautiful wildflowers growing.

North Park Pink Wall + Succulent Wall at Pigment

North Park itself is worth exploring since it is such a cute neighborhood, but there are two super adorable spots that I think are worth checking out. They are both walls right outside of the Pigment Store in North Park. A pink wall and a succulent wall. Both are super cute! If you have time, make sure to check out Pigment, its such an adorable store!

Balboa Park

Balboa Park itself probably deserves a whole blog post because it offers so many good photoshoot opportunities. But I am going to focus on my personal favorites!

  • Japanese Friendship Garden

Super cute garden to visit, especially during spring for cherry blossom. It does costs 12 $ admission. But the garden is pretty big and so worth it. During spring you can also find Wisteria blooming here.

  • Lily Pond View

One of my favorite spots in Balboa and most likely one of the most instagrammable and famous spots in San Diego. Perfect for a beautiful sunset!

  • Spanish Village

This place makes you feel like you are strolling through somewhere in Europe. The colorful tiles and buildings are such an eye catcher!

  • Organ Pavilion

I personally love this spot so much and think it makes and amazing photo opportunity in San Diego! Best right after sunrise or during golden hour before sunset.

Gardens at Mission Basilica

This is a spot that not many people know about but I think is such a beautiful church and lovely to photograph as well. The gardens there are stunning and look beautiful in the mornings or evenings! The architecture of the church is unique and makes a great photo as well!

Coronado Beach | Hotel Del Coronado

The beach in Coronado at the Hotel Del is one of my favorites. Love visiting this tiny piece of heaven! Both the beach and the Hotel Del Coronado are amazing spots to take photos at.

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Palm Tree Rows La Jolla

Yup, you can find palm tree streets like in Los Angeles in San Diego as well. All over La Jolla, Pacific Beach and Ocean View, but honestly all over San Diego. One of my favorite ones is on Belvedere Street between Vista del Mar Ave and Monte Vista Ave!

Hotel La Valencia

This iconic hotel in La Jolla is such a dream! If you are a fan of the color Pink, you will love this building and it’s decor. It almost gives you Spanish vibes and is such an amazing place to take photos at!

Civita Park

Another amazing and underrated spot in San Diego is Civita Park. Especially during spring I would consider this park an instagrammable spot in San Diego. During spring you can see Wisteria and roses blooming in this park. Its absolutely beautiful!

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