Last year I spend about 3 months in Germany when the pandemic first hit and had the pleasure to enjoy and visit places close to where my parents live. I realized that the southern part of Germany is truly beautiful and compiled a list of the most beautiful places to see in southern Germany.

I really hope that with this list I inspire you to explore these gorgeous and less known places in Germany. To be honest, I never considered Germany is a nice country to visit. Partly because I grew up there and took it for granted but the 3 months there showed me how stunning it truly is. Already am planning on coming back and explore more of Germany in the future!

Places to see in Southern Germany

Visit the “Bodensee Region” for some epic spots
Apple Orchards in Wahlwies

Southern Germany is so beautiful during spring time because of all the blooming trees. The Apple Orchards in Southern Germany are to die for and there are so many. They usually bloom for about 2 weeks around end of April/beginning of May. I visited the ones in Wahlwies, that is a little village in Southern Germany with lots of Apple Trees. The whole area is full of apple trees and you will find plenty of photo opportunities in Wahlwies. Please make sure to always be respectful and kind to nature and to not leave trash or damage the trees.


1-4 in the photos below: 47.8182840, 8.9803794

5 & 6 in the photos below: 47.8209873, 8.9742640

7 in the photo below: Eschenbuehlhuette Wahlwies

8 in the photo below: 47.8245093, 8.9704881

Cherry Blossom Trees & wild flower fields in Singen

If you are on the hunt for cherry blossoms, you will find some beautiful trees in Singen. This is the town I am from in Germany and lived most of my life. In case you happen to be somewhere in the neighborhood around springtime and really want to find some blooming trees or wildflowers, I have a couple spots for you that make a nice photo.

Location 1-5 in the photos below: Richard Wagner Strasse 1, Singen

Locations 6 in the photo below: Muenchriedstrasse, Singen

Canola Fields across Southern Germany

Let me tell you, Southern Germany is full of stunning canola fields. The yellow color of these fields is so gorgeous and looks stunning in photos. I have been to a couple last year and here are my favorite canola fields!

Location 1 and 2 in the photos below: Eglisbrunnen 6, Steisslingen

Location 3-11 in the photos below:47.8335847, 9.0891960

Wisteria in Ueberlingen

Another cute and picturesque town in Southern Germany, mainly the Lake of Constance region, is called Ueberlingen. Uerblingen is located right at the Lake of Constance, which is, by the way, the biggest lake in Germany, and has a charming vibe. On top of that, it has also Wisteria blossoms around May. But even besides the Wisteria it really makes a cute town for a visit. Walk along the promenade and enjoy the views of the lake. Get some ice cream or sit down and enjoy a coffee at one of the cute cafes in town.

Visit Island Mainau

The Island of Mainau attracts many visitors from all over the world every year and I simply cannot believe that I only visited once when I was like 10 years old. After that I did not go there again, although I lived so close. Last year I decided to visit the island and I definitely have missed out all these years. The flower island is a magical place that you can easily spend a full day exploring. It is called the flower island because you will see all types of flowers throughout the year. Spring is definitely a highlight but I think no matter what time of the year you will visit you are going to love it.

Address: 78465 Insel Mainau, Germany

Price: Online Tickets 22 Euro

Visit Island Reichenau for Poppy flowers

Last year I was obsessed with all the wildflower fields in Southern Germany and tried to find as many as possible. The Island of Reichenau is another hidden gem located amongst the Lake of Constance in Southern Germany. The island has the cutest town and so many nice beaches around the lake. It also famous for agriculture and lots of veggies and fruits are grown there. You can find many farmers along the streets selling fresh veggies and fruits! The town also has a bunch of wildflowers that make great photo spots. I found poppy fields as well as Phacelia fields.

Monastery Hirsau in Calw

Another really stunning place to visit is the monastery Hirsau in Calw, especially when you love history and ruins. The monastery is huge and so nice to wander around. It also makes a great place for pictures. I can only imagine how nice it must look during sunrise or sunset.

Address: Wildbader Str. 2, 75365 Calw, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is one of Germany’s most famous castles is located in Southern Germany. You have to see this beautiful castle at least once in your life and trust me when I tell you, you will not regret it. It is majestic. For more information about the castle, check out my blog about castles in Southern Germany.

Address: Neuschwansteinstraße 20, 87645 Schwangau, Germany

Entrance fee: 13 Euros for a guided tour

Sigmaringen Castle

The Sigmaringen Castle is probably my favorite castle to visit in Southern Germany so far. Surrounded by a river it just looks absolutely beautiful. There are several viewpoints around it where you can take stunning photos of the castle. For more information about the castle, check out my blog about castles in Southern Germany.

Address: Karl-Anton-Platz 8, 72488 Sigmaringen, Germany

Entrance fee including tour: €9.50 per person

Lichtenstein Castle

Germany has so many castles and I would love to visit all of them one day and Lichtenstein Castle definitely makes it to my top 4 castles in Southern Germany. It is so different from Sigmaringen Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle and charming in its own way. For more information about the castle, check out my blog about castles in Southern Germany.

Address: Schloss Lichtenstein 1, 72805 Lichtenstein, Germany

Entrance fee: 3 Euros and guided tours 9 Euros

Sigmaringen Castle in Abstadt

You can either visit the castle directly or hike to one of the viewpoints that we did to see it in its full glory! The Sigmaringen castle close to Albstadt is so stunning and massive! Hiking in this region of Germany is also so much fun! For more information about the castle, check out my blog about castles in Southern Germany.

Address: 72379 Burg Hohenzollern, Germany

Entrance fee: 16 Euros per person


Blaubeuren is a scenic little town in Southern Germany and it is famous for a deep natural well of the most iridescent teal color ever, the Blautopf (“blue pot”). We had to visit and loved the little town so much. Unfortunately, the trail around Blauftopf was closed, but it still was beautiful to look at. Another reason to visit Blauberen is the Hohle Fels Cave.

Address: Blautopf, 89143 Blaubeuren

Monastery Wilblingen

When I saw a picture of the library of the monastery in Wilblingen I knew I had to visit. The library is just stunning and out of this world. I loved the architecture and unique look of the library and encourage you to visit whenever you are in Germany. In addition to the stunning library, there is also a beautiful church close by that you can visit as well. You will for sure not regret it. Find more information here.

Address: Schloßstraße 38, 89079 Wiblingen, Germany

Price: 5,5 Euro

Monastery Bad Schussenried

Talking about great places to see in Southern Germany, make sure to put the Schussenried Monastery on your bucketlist. Like the monastery in Wilblingen, this monastery also has a stunning and colorful library that is really picture-worthy! Find more information here.

Address: Neues Kloster 1, 88427 Bad Schussenried, Germany

Price: 5,5 Euro