Before I started to plan the trip with my girlfriends, I honestly never have heard of Grand Teton National Park before. I actually never even considered to travel to Wyoming before, because it simply was not on my radar. Even though I knew that Wyoming is famous for the Yellowstone National Park. After doing some research I quickly realized that I have to visit Wyoming because I was amazed by the endless gorgeous photos of the Tetons that I discovered on Instagram. The list of stunning places is long which is why I will show you which places you should visit at the Grand Teton National Park.

We only had 2.5 days at the National Park but we still managed to see a couple of places and even do a hike that is about 9 miles. Here is the list of the places you have to visit at the Grand Teton National Park.

Schwabacher Landing

Most of the view points at Grand Teton are lookouts that you can reach with your car. There is parking available and no need to hike. The Schwachacher Landing is probably my favorite view point at the Grand Teton National Park. The reflection in the river is stunning!

Address: US-191, Moose, WY 83012

Snake River Overlook

This is probably my least favorite lookout although it was still beautiful and if you have an extra 5 minutes you can definitely stop here.

Address: Snake River Overlook, Wyoming 83012

Cunningham Cabin

This place is unique and different with two nice photospots. The entrance gate with the scenic mountains in the background and the cabin that has unique shape with the Tetons as a backdrop. The spot was also less busy, but probably because we were there for sunrise around 6 am.

The Cunningham Cabin stands as one of the valley’s few remaining structures from the homesteading era.

Address: Moose, WY 83012

Moulton Barn

If you look for photos of the Tetons on Instagram or Pinterest you will probably stumble across photos of the Moulton Barn. If you look for photos of the Tetons on Instagram or Pinterest you will probably stumble across photos of the Moulton Barn.

Address: 13040 Antelope Flats Rd, Moose, WY 83012

Togwotee Pass

Another highlight for me was the Togwotee Pass Highway photos. I always wanted to take a road photo with a scenic mountain view and this is exactly what you get here. You can find the view on HWY 287, just drive along this road until you spot Togwotee Pass. We took the photos for sunset and it was so worth it. Be careful when taking photos on the road and watch out for cars!

Oxbend Bow Overlook

Another one of my favorite spots to take photos although this one was a little bit tricky because the hill to the river is kind of steep and it is definitely harder to take photos here – especially when you want to be in the photo. But it is doable and so worth it.

Address: Oxbow Bend Turn, Moran, WY 83013

String Lake and Jenny Lake

Another beautiful spot that you can find at Grand Teton National Park. Jenny Lake and String Lake are super close to each other, so if you are visiting Jenny Lake which is more famous than String Lake make sure to check this one out as well. You can park at the Jenny Lake Parking.

Address: Moose, WY 83012, 43°44’59.8″N 110°43’28.0″W

Delta Lake Hike

The Delta Lake Hike was one of my personal highlights at the Tetons. Just because I love being rewarded after a long hike and I love Glacier Lakes. It is a 9 miles roundtrip hike and has an elevation of 2339 feet. Overall, I would say that the hike is doable – even if you are not that fit, but it is also not an easy one. There is a lot of climbing involved – including climbing over huge rocks with not a clear path. The first half of the hike is on a path, second half is an unpaved path. The most efficient route to Delta Lake is to take the Amphitheater Lake Trail from the Lupine Meadows Trailhead. I advise you to come relatively early as the parking lot at the Lupine Meadows Trailhead fills up very quickly. You should not arrive later than 7.30 am otherwise the parking will be full.

Once parked, start the hike and follow the signs for the Amphitheater Lake Trail. There are going to be 6 switchbacks until the hike path with change into an unpaved path with no clear route. At the 6th switchback, walk a little bit and take the unmarked trail to the right side. Follow yellow ribbons on the trees. The last mile will be the roughest part with climbing over unmarked trail of rocks. But trust me, it is worth it. The Delta Lake has a wonderful turquoise color with epic mountain views.

Distance: 9 miles roundtrip
Difficulty: Moderate – Difficult
Length of Time: 5 hours

Where to stay?

We stayed at the Grand Targhee Resort during our time at the Tetons. The Grand Targhee Resort is a ski resort and must look pretty incredible in winter, although it also does not disappoint during summer time. It is famous for its mountain bike trails in summer time due to its mountain bike trails around the resort. We had a great time staying at this place and I can only imagine how cozy the common area of the lodge must be during winter.

Address: 3300 Ski Hill Rd, Alta, WY 83414

My packing list for Grand Teton National Park:

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