Chicago has an incredible art scene and is full of beautiful murals, which is why I decided to give my Ultimate Chicago Mural Guide. The Chicago Mural Guide includes a location and some photos of the mural. There are still some murals that I have not visited myself but hopefully will in the future. Find a list of my favorite murals in Chicago here.

Flamingo Mural

The Flamingo Mural is probably one of my favorite murals in Chicago. I just love the combination of turquoise and pink. It definitely makes this mural and instagrammable spot in Chicago.

Address: 601 N Wells Street, Chicago, IL, USA, Flamingo Rum Club
Artists: JC Rivera & Andrew Ghrist


How can you not fall in love with these soft pastel tones? Make sure to check this one out when you are in Chicago.

Butterfly mural
Butterfly Mural / Wearing a Chicwish dress

Address: 2912 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
Artist: James Jankowiak

Wings Mural

I always had a thing for wings murals and finally found one in West Loop Chicago. This neighborhood is also amazing for dining out. You will not be disappointed by the restaurants there. Probably, most of my favorite restaurants are located in this neighborhood.

Wings mural
Wings mural / Wearing a Chicwish outfit

Address: 180 N Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60607, United States

Spirale Mural

Address: 925 W Randolph, West Loop, IL, Chicago, USA
Right next to Nonna’s Pizza & Sandwishes

Sun Flower Mural

I really have a thing for murals with flowers on it, and Chicago does not disappoint, because we have plenty of flower murals here. This one is located in an alley, and I love it.

Address: 1914 W Chicago Avenue, IL, Chicago, USA

Yellow / Orange Flowers Mural

Speaking of Flower Murals, here is another one that is massive and lovely to photograph if you have a thing for murals and street art.

Address: 3637 N Southport Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
Artist: Louise Jones

Jungle Leafs Mural

If you need some tropical vibes in Chicago, make sure to check out the Leaf Mural on the wall of the restaurant EDEN.

Address: 1748 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60612, United States

Spring Flowers Mural / Maison Marcel

Maison Marcel is such a lovely cafe in Chicago, and they actually have two locations, except this location has the cutest wall art ever. I love coming here in summer.

Address: Armitage Avenue & Halsted Street, Chicago, IL, USA
Artist: Natasha May Platt

Chicago Wings Mural

Another gorgeous wings mural that you can find at the Old Orchard Center in Skokie. There is a massive wall with several murals that are all lovely. At the same time, you can also do some shopping!

Chicago wings mural

Address: 4905 Old Orchard Shopping Center, Skokie, IL 60077, United States

Lily Flowers Mural

This lily flower mural is also part of the Old Orchard Center mural wall. As mentioned before, the wall is huge!

Lily Flower Mural

Address: 4905 Old Orchard Shopping Center, Skokie, IL 60077, United States

Cupcake ATM

Guess what, Chicago even has a cupcake ATM. How cool is that?

Address: 50 E Walton St, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

Colorful Geometrical Mural

At Southport you can find this fun mural, that shows flowers, triangles, and squares in several colors. Such a cute find.

triangles and squares wall

Address: 3358 N Southport Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

Heart Emoji Mural

If you need Valentine’s Day content, you need to check out the heart emoji garage, which is adorable.

Address: 1820 W Webster Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
Artist: Erica Chin

“The Best Things in Life are Sweet” Wall

Sweet Mandy’s Cafe is not only good because of the delicious cupcakes and cookies, but because of the interior and the gorgeous pastel colors. Make sure to check this out when in Chicago!

Address: Sweet Mandy’s Cafe on 1208 W Webster Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

Gloves in February Mural

Also, a great spot for Valentine’s Day is this adorable wall with the quote ” I need you more than gloves in February”.

Valentines Day Mural Chicago

Address: 1873 N Damen Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

Blue Mural Chinatown

One of my favorite parks in Chicago is the Ping Tom Memorial Park. First of all, because of the amazing skyline view that you have there and second of all because of the temple and the artwork there. The park also is not too crowded and gives you lots of opportunities to wander around. Also, it is right in Chinatown, which is great if you want to visit the park and eat yummy Asian food afterward.

Address: 1700 S Wentworth Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Ping Tom Memorial Park)
Artists: Anna Murphy, Chester Chow, Andy Bellomo

Photograph Mural

Recently discovered this wonderful piece of art in Wicker park.

Address: 1659 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL, USA

Greetings from Chicago Mural

When visiting Chicago, make sure to check the “Greetings from Chicago” Mural and make a photo there. I have seen the same artwork in Austin as well. I loved it.

Address: 2236 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
Artists: Victor Wing & Lisa Beggs

Black & White Stamp Mural

I love this wall that looks almost washed out already. But it always makes a good backdrop for a nice Insta shot!

Stamp mural Chicago

Address: 660 N Orleans Street, Chicago, IL, USA

Love You Mural

This is a newer piece of wall art, and I must say, I love the bright pink colors here.

Love Mural Chicago

Address: 1401 West Wabansia, Chicago, IL, USA
Artists: Merlot & Zach Rockstad

Moroccan Tile Fountain

Chicago has crazy winters that are very long as well. During this time, I love visiting Conservatories, such as the Garfield Conservatory. This is where you can also find this beautiful fountain that makes you feel like you are in Morocco.

Chicago Moroccan Tile Fountain

Address: Garfield Conservatory 300 N Central Park Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

Well, this is my Chicago mural guide. As soon as I discover new murals, I will update this blog post.

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