Chicago has tons of murals and I want to show you the ones I love the most so far. I am still discovering new murals myself and I will try to keep this blog post updated.

Flamingo Mural

This is going to be my all time favorite mural and it is in Chicago! Right in River North, I am just obsessed with the pink and turquoise colors. And the artist did such a great job.

Where: Ohio/Wells

The Wings in the West Loop

The wings are another highlight in my opinion, there is just something magical about them. Makes me feel like an angel 😛 The West Loop is full of gorgeous Chicago murals though, you just need to explore. I for sure have not seen them all so far.

Where: Wall of Federales, 2222, 180 N Morgan St

The Colorful Spiral

Another mural that I am obsessed with is the colorful spiral in the West Loop. Loving all the colors, and it is so fun to play around with the edit and adjust the colors to your look and feel.

Where: Alley behind Nonna’s Chicago, 126 N Sangamon Street

Colorful Butterfly Mural

How beautiful is this mural though? Cannot believe that it is still not really well known, but I am sure it will change. For sure a masterpiece and a perfect backdrop.

Where: 2912 N Milwaukee Avenue, Artist: James Jankowiak

Flower Wall

Since I am obsessed with all kinds of flowers, I am always on the search for a perfect flower mural, and this one is for sure gorgeous. Such a great wall and super nice colors.

Where: Alley, 1914 W Chicago Avenue

Skokie Mural Wall

The Orchard Shopping Center in Skokie has a wall with a couple of murals. Those murals are all so picturesque, so make sure to check this out. My favorites there are the Chicago wings and the flower wall!

Where: 4905 Old Orchard Shopping Center, Skokie