I am always on the hunt for cute home decor pieces that fit our style and our vibes and I as a travel blogger I always loved hanging up world maps on our wall. We bought many different maps over the years, but we were never fully satisfied with them. So happy we discovered the wooden world maps from Enjoy The Wood. The wooden world maps are of such a high quality and look incredible on the wall. Find out why the wooden map makes an incredible addition to your home.

Family-owned business

Enjoy The Wood is a Ukrainian family-owned business, which creates handcrafted and unique accessories from wood. Their goal is to create products of the highest quality that will make great accessories for homes and offices. All of their items are hand made in Ukraine and even offer personalized options.

Wooden Map Options

They offer wooden world maps in different colors, sizes, and styles.

Styles: 3D World Maps ; 2D World Maps ; LED World Maps

Colors: From natural colored maps to cork maps or colored maps they offer a variety of options

3D World Maps – M – XL
2D World Maps – M – XXL
LED World Maps – L – XXL

The Wooden World Map we bought and why the wooden map is an incredible addition to your home

We bought the XL version because I really wanted a bigger map. A map that is a big as our couch and adds a wow factor to our home. And let me tell you, it really is adding the WOW factor to our living room. I am in love with this map and can recommend it 100%. You can also buy push flag pins and apply them to the map to track the places you traveled to. They also have wooden pieces like planes, ships and a compass that you can apply to the wall. Another cool pin option they are offering is plane push pins and special event marks. These additions make the map more fun!

Shop the multicolored wooden world map here.

How to Apply The Map

To be completely honest with you, I was a little bit scared of applying the map to our wall. I was scared that it would be too complicated and difficult. Was it difficult? Nope! It takes some time to install the map but it is super easy and you get a lot of help with the instructions and an installation guide. The map comes with a double side tape and you simply have to attach the tape to the pieces and place it on the wall. It also comes with 2 corner pieces to make sure you get the size right. You apply the 2 corner pieces first so you have the right width and then start applying the wooden pieces. It took us about 3 h but was so fun and worth it.

Overall, I am super happy with the map and think it is a great idea for a Christmas gift or any kind of gift actually. Also, all maps have a Lifetime warranty which is great!

Besides the wooden maps they also have bunch of other wood products on their website like city maps, world globes, recipe books, journals, USA maps, and name puzzles.