We love Khao Soi which is why we wrote a blog post on our top 3 Khoa Soi Restaurants in Chiang Mai. Khao Soi or Khao Soy is a traditional dish served in northern Thailand and Laos. Khao Soi is a soup-like curry dish with a mix of boiled and crispy fried egg noodles. It’s a very traditional street food in northern Thailand and a must try for every visitor. 

Every time we’re in northern Thailand we go on a hunt for the best Khao Soi restaurants in Chiang Mai. Here are our top 3 Khao Soi restaurants you must check out if you are planning to visit Chiang Mai.

ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อรสเยี่ยมสันทราย (San Sai Beef Noodles

This place is very special to us, and we visit this small shop every time we are in Chiang Mai. This small shop on the side of the road prepares one of the best Khao Soi in Chiang Mai. It used to be one of Johannes’ grandfather’s favorite Khao Soi restaurants in Chiang Mai, and it’s been around forever. To us, it’s tradition to go there and we highly recommend this shop if you want a simple, traditional Khao Soi. We added this place to Tripadvisor and hope more people will visit this restaurant.

Price for Khao Soi in November 2022 was 50THB which is around $1.50.

าวซอยลำดวนฟ้าฮ่าม (Khao Soi Lamduan Fa Ham

Johannes’ aunt, a foodie herself, brought us to this place and we weren’t disappointed. This is another very local spot with excellent food and arccording to Johannes’ aunt, its one of the best Khao Soi restaurants in Chiang Mai. They specialize in Khao Soi but also serve some other Thai food like Sai Ua (traditional northern Thai sausage) and spring rolls, but their specialty, as their name suggests, is Khao Soi. This restaurant also happens to be featured in the Michelin Guide, as well, so you know it’s good. 

Price for Khao Soi in November 2022 was 55THB what is around $1.60.

Make Your Own Khao Soi at a Cooking Class  

We love cooking and find that the food you make yourself is always the best because of the work and love you put into it. We took a cooking class with Thai Farm Cooking School in Chiang Mai and made some of our favorite Thai dishes. All the ingredients are sourced from the cooking school’s farm and prepared fresh. You’ll prepare everything from scratch, and you can pick different dishes you want to cook. 

The cooking school is a bit outside Chiang Mai, but the cooking school will pick you up at your hotel, which is very convenient. We did the half day class with pick up around 3pm and got back at around 9pm. Pro tip: bring mosquito repellent!


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